Wedding Cakes

Dr. Chocolate’s exceptional wedding cakes incorporate classic and modern designs ensuring a cake that reflects your style and vision.

Customized fillings, unique favors, and high quality ingredients make up a cake that your guests will not forget. Our cakes are always fresh, never frozen, and baked the day before your event.

Our specialty cakes include a Scandinavian Princess Torte, Chai Spice Cake, and an irresistible Dark Chocolate with Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse. More favors are available and fillings are customized for each cake.

Don’t forget about the Groom’s Cake! The same unique and delicious cake plus the ability to duplicate any theme will be a surprise the groom will never forget.

Call (651) 379-3676 to make an appointment with our pastry chef for a tasting and consultation. Please indicate the number of guests that will be attending the tasting. We look forward to helping make your special day one that you will cherish forever.


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